Saturday, 10 May 2008

Pyjama Party!!!

Hey guys!

The 15th of May,

there is a Pyjama party in Maria's kitchen, Surrey house, 3rd floor, at 10pm.

Why? Because I'm going to leave soon and I'd like to say goodbye to everybody.

Everybody can bring something to eat and especially to drink, whatever you want is welcome!!!! "Don't be shy"

But, don't forget: it's a pyjama party!!!!
You have to wear your!

So, see you the 15th...

And thanks Maria for lending me your kitchen...

4 ideas:

Miss_Mary_Lecter said...

You're welcome! It's gonna be GREAT!!!(get drunk with a occasion!:P)!!!!

I won't let you enter without...I mean with other kind of clothes...if you come naked it's your choice!lol!

Julie said...

Cool, I'm in... and it's my 22nd birthday on the 15th :)

Wilkie said...

Wow! Are you looking forward to see my light blue pijama, aren't you???



Paolo said...

Pay attention to Wilkie!

In italy we need a photo of the blue pijama!