Friday, 16 May 2008

Hey guys, would anyone be interested in this? It's a sort of a big Wolverhampton students thing. It's on Monday. You might have noticed this poster around the halls and the uni. The way it works - you buy a T-shirt and you get a free entrance to participating city centre pubs and bars including Oceana. You might get some free drinks at the SU, I'm not sure, but you get cheap drinks at the city pubs and bars. You'll find more details at Facebook. Keywords: Boom3 Bar Crawl
Let me know if you're interested!!!

2 ideas:

Amiene Rev said...

what is a cost for Master student there... I think, I'm going to take education in english somewhere in UK.

Wilkie said...

We don't know actually.. we are Erasmus and International students so we don't pay any fee!
Check the university website