Sunday, 13 April 2008

One Night In Dublin! Why Not?

Special offer Ryanair: with 15,00 GBP -return flight, B'ham/Dublin-
we can spend one crazy night in Dublin!!
Going Out: 17th May at 15.10 - Coming Back: 18th May at 6.30
But quickly, the special offer is valid until tomorrow evening at 00.00
We've already booked!

Manuel And Matteo

And remember: "Guinness is good for you"

5 ideas:

Anonymous said...

I'm In!!!

Aurélie said...

I'm in too !

Anonymous said...

come on guys!!! it's perhaps the last party all together...
Book it now!

Wilkie said...

Good guys!!!
A huge party....!

Lisette said...

I just heard it and even though I am drunk now, I booked the flight! I am in!!!!