Monday, 21 April 2008

Earth Day Clean-Up!!

Hey Guys!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is Earth Day! Earth Day is day when everyone works together to make the Earth a healthier place. 

In celebration of our lovely planet, I think we should spend some time picking up litter in the small park behind the Residence Halls (the one between our halls and the Indian Markets).  I plan to be there most of the day and I hope you will all come join!! Matteo and I got started today, and it needs a lot of love and attention.

See you there? 

2 ideas:

KaraHerrnstein said...

THANK YOU Marian, Julie, and Jamie! We collected over 30 BAGS of litter today.

=) Yay!

Wilkie said...

Oh God!
That's great!
everybody should struggle for the Earth!
I've done my bit...