Saturday, 29 March 2008

Social Information: Free Tibet

From Beppe Grillo's Blog:

What if the United States had invaded Mexico. What if France had occupied Algeria. Or what if Australia had declared war on Papua New Guinea. What if Japan had annexed Manchuria. What if Italy were to go back to Libya with gunboats. What if all of this happened in the year in which the Olympic Games were due to be held in the United States, in France, in Australia, in Japan or in Italy. Would the Olympic Games still have gone ahead in these Countries? On what grounds? In the name of the WTO? Globalisation? Consumerism?
Humanity owes an enormous debt to Tibet, to its culture and to its inhabitants. Tibet has been left alone for almost sixty years, and this in the interests of realpolitik. It is easy to see why this has happened. If you are big, you are able to go ahead and invade, destroy and exterminate. If, instead, you are small and you have petroleum, then it’s deemed to be your own business. A case in point - Chechnya. Another case in point - Iraq.
Launch a petition to the Secretary General of the United Nations for a free Tibet.
Send the following message:
"Free Tibet. Stop to the China Olympic Games"
to the General Secretary of the United Nations and help to spread the message.

Free Tibet


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