Wednesday, 6 February 2008

A typical english breakfast

Hi guys,
we go to eat a typical english breakfast tomorrow in a nice retaurant close to the campus. For the big breakfast, it's £3.95, it's the more expensive, you can choose an other cheaper!
If you want to come, it's about 10.00 AM in front of Lomas street's reception!
See you!!!

4 ideas:

Wilkie said...

'cmon! Which day?? When??

but, especially, Why???


Jan said...

Oh dear Matteo, the less you understand, the more you shout :)
It´s thursday morning.
"When in Rome, do as the romans do." This british proverb is perfect explanation for our motives and should be particularly clear to you, since italian blood flows in your veins...

Wilkie said...

Thanks Jan!
You are so friendly...:)

But tomorrow at 10 I have lecture...


MAnuEl said...

Count me in!