Sunday, 3 February 2008

Sunday bloody Sunday...

Here we go!
A present just for you international guys...
Manuel and I were so bored this afternoon.. :))
Enjoy the video.


5 ideas:

Marion said...

oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))

Den said...

Buono il movimento pelvico, buono lo sguardo gaio sulla "Y". Sufficiente la coordinazione. Inspiegabile la mano sul pacco di Manuel..
Facciamo un 6 e mezzo e non se ne parla più.

Trad goliardica:

Good pelvic movement, good gay gaze on the "Y". Sufficient coordination. Why the hand on the deck of Manuel?
Let a 6 and a half and there is no such talk.

KaraHerrnstein said...

what would you two do without each other?!

Aurélie said...

gros looooooooooool = I have the giggles (^_^)

mary said...

yooooo you're sure the newest village people!!!looool

ps.l'infrociata finale è fantastica!!!

the final gay pride is fantastic!