Saturday, 9 February 2008


Hi guys!
Some of you wondered where they could cut their hair, I have The Solution:
A girl, Stéphanie, comes to your home to cut your hair for only 5£ for the boys and 10£ for the girls. She almost doesn't speak english but is kind and qualified! So, take advantage of it!

Her email adress: (to prevent spam I've changed "@" in "AT")
Her mobile: 0795 037 06 89

ps: if you want cut and color=25
cut and streak=35

pps: I see her at work with my "roommate", it's quite ok!


2 ideas:

Wilkie said...

Thanks Maria...! Great tip! :)

I've modified her email address...


Julie said...

thanks! I was looking for a good place near campus.