Tuesday, 19 February 2008

4 days Trip - Yorkshire Dales, York, Nottingham, Sherwood Forest

Hi folks!
Here some PICTURES of us! We have to thanks God for those wonderful sunny days...!
Thanks to everybody for those charming days... we look forward for the next trip! :))

Wilkie and Manuel

Yorkshire Dales National ParkSkiptonBolton AbbeyRobin Hood!! Wollaton HallSherwood Forest and Robin Hood! Who??
A fabulous sunset...

4 ideas:

Martina said...

thank you the tripod!!!
beautiful picture, beautiful trip, beautiful guys!!!

Wilkie said...

Eh eh, Tripod:
you try it. you love it.

Almost like us.


Wilkie said...

"Tom tom two", are you lost?? I miss you!!
You have to follow me, always!! ;)


Wilkie said...

Cris Why have you used my nick name above???

I kill you!! :))

The original Italian ONE.