Thursday, 31 January 2008

Party in the zone

Chouk and Maria

Chouk, Mart and english friends ;-)

the green butterflies

Manuel, with girls again!

Long live "Plus belle la vie" ;-)

What are you doing Matteo???

What a man...
What a beautiful couple!!!

Manuel, always with girls...

the green butterflies

5 ideas:

Wilkie said...

Martinaaaaaa! I kill you!! :))

You have posted 10!
Remember next time you can use only one post and upload more than one photo! It's better and let easier to read the blog in that way...!

Anyway, good job! ;)


Martina said...

ok, I am sorry... Thank you for the advice and please, don't kill me ;-)

KaraHerrnstein said...

looks like you guys had fun! this blog was such a great idea, I love looking at your photos!

Den said...

Lasciala stare, no! Che fanno numero!! :PpP

Aurélie said...

Ahah Chouks, quelle tombeur ^^ Signé : Au revoir